About us

Born in Venice in 1965 and resident in Murano, he is specialized in lampworked artistic beads, both through a personal way and in collaboration with Kristina Logan.

He has been teaching since 2000 mainly at the Abate Zanetti Glass School, besides some performances in Japan and Usa, many personal and collective exhibitions, collaborations in jewellery and custome jewellery design-realization for important marks both in artistic glass production and clothing lines.

He is always searching for the potential of the glass medium, pursuing to transmit new field testing to his students.

"I live in a place where glass, for many, is not an artistic choice, but a way to take home a salary, where glass is heavy, is hated, where glass is last on the list of work opportunities, where it can also be a punishment.I grew up on this little land embraced by waters of the sea... 'Fortunate'... not to have had to work with glass until I decided to choose it as a companion for life, leaving a way already laid out, to undertake an adventurous journey with my new friend.Here people live their work in an intimate and discreet manner, and characters from the history of glass of all times, wander around the streets talking about fishing...It's not simple to learn a technique, much less put yourself on display among the experts and experienced. Create something new after centuries of tradition...Someone told me: "you are fortunate to live on Murano...here one breaths glass!" I didn't respond...This choice is passion, amusement, challenge. In this place where one 'eats' glass, I didn't and don't have the presumption to 'work' in glass, but to support him, and leave him the task of moulding me.

...glass knew to pick my best characteristics to emphasize his own. With silent agreement, we use each other. With respect."