Using the traditional technique of the furnace but with a “baby pipe” Davide can blown all the pattern of the regular solid beads.
The program of the class has two steps: beginner and advanced. With the beginner one the student can start to blow the transparent plane glass round beads, in the first part of day and change the shape to the blown bead in the afternoon adding also some sample but interesting decoration.
Whit advanced one Davide will show how to apply all the technique on the blow bead with transparent and opaque glass. In the future Davide is planning to teach also how to open small cups and glasses and more interesting topic by blowing are coming soon!
The lessons doesn’t required long experience with the torch, just few practice and knowledge of the soft glass. Only three basic tools are required, whom Davide will supply for the class.
Optionally at the end of the class you can buy the brand new one “CarloDonà” tools. 5 liter concentrator it is enough to blow pretty big beads. If you are powered by a inspired mood whit the glass and torch. If you are powered by a good mood and still taste of glass and torch or you are in flat moment of your inspiration; the experience of the lamp-blowing can open new point of view of your passion with glass art.