The goal of the class is to realize a jewel starting from a discussion regarding the philosophy of jewelry and with a confront of the point of view of inspiration and concept.
Davide will suggest to design a project after the student has found the idea.
The teacher will review the design of the piece with the student analyzing the and finding the right technique to use.
In the same time Davide will show every day some new technique of bead-making and blowing to give the opportunity to the member of the class to use more knowledge in their own jewelry.
1. Employ principles of design theory
2. Develop motifs and design concepts
3. Layout jewelry designs using
4. Understand common manufacturing processes for production of single and multiple pieces
5. Research and utilize current and historical design trends.
6. Select metals and other material to meet functional and aesthetic requirements.
7. Create illustrations using proper rendering techniques.
8. Research and develop jewelry designs.
9. Analyze trends and meet the needs of target customers.
10. Communicate concepts visually and verbally.
11. Understand the jewelry manufacturing process.
12. Design, market, and produce functional and wearable jewelry