corso di Astrid Riedel

Astrid  Riedel, 2 Murano sessions: 28-29 May / 31May-01 June

First day: Enamel Painting in the flame of the torch

Level Intermediate

  • - Theory of when and where to heat the glass when using stringers.
  • -  Pulling hair fine stringers
  • - Learning to draw straight lines and curved lines with stringers
  • - “’painting” in the flame of the torch with powdered enamels to create

-  works of art on your beads

Second day: off Mandrel Hollows

Level Intermediate/ advanced

  • - Theory on expansion, example: softness/stiffness of different colors of glass - Theory on applying different decorations on a hollow bead
  • - Creating hollow lentil shaped beads with decorations such as shards, enamels and fine stringers
  •  - Creating twisters and applying them to a hollow tube bead